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**For Immediate Release**

Misty Todd elected as new SC WAC Coordinator

After consulting with Sis. Elizabeth Hodges on proper protocol. The SC WAC Executive committee undertook the task of filling the coordinator position, in the midst of a global pandemic. The vote was unanimous to elect Sister Misty Todd to the position.

Sister Pam Hackett stated “I would like to thank all the women in our great state for the support they have shown to me for the 14 years I served as the Coordinator of the SC WAC Ministry. I have been blessed beyond measure and thank God for all those He brought across my path during my time of service. I still believe God has great plans for our women in South Carolina. I know God’s timing on the new selection of officers has been extraordinary in every way. Please remain faithful to the SC WAC Ministry and give the new officers your undivided support. God is leading us to the next step as we continue to serve Him and those we minister to. Pray earnestly for these ladies as they seek to follow the Lord’s leading in everything they do.”

Misty serves alongside her husband (Chris) in ministry at the South Carolina Free Will Baptist State Office as the Office Manager for the bookstore &  coffee shop housed in the facility. Prior to their role at the state office the couple served together as pastor & wife for 13 years. She has two children, Gloria (18) & Emmit (14). Misty is a graduate of Liberty University with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies Business & Education. 

Sister Todd shared the following upon learning of here acceptance to this position. “I am so humbled by the confidence that the state has placed in me. I really do have a deep love for our denomination, missionaries, ladies, and most of all the Lord. I will endeavor to serve the ladies of our state to the best of my abilities, and look forward to seeing what God has in store for us.”