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Alejandro and Breanna Johnson (France)  – updated 06/03/2024

We have had a wonderful month in the state of Michigan! We have been blessed to attend their state meeting as well as have services and meals with many wonderful congregations and people. We traveled back down to Tennessee on May 23 to attend the Southern Quarterly meeting where Alejandro met with his ordination committee! There, he was approved for ordination, and his ordination service will be on June 9, 2024! On the evening of June 2, we had an amazing opportunity to have a special event at North Warren Free Will Baptist called A Taste of France! Here, we sang songs in English and French, read Scripture, shared about our ministry in France, and even had some delicious French food after the service! We also were able to do some giveaways of French macarons and two missions-themed books! We are so grateful for what the Lord is doing through the hearts of so many congregations and individuals in the state of Michigan!

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IM News – updated 06/03/2024

We hope you’ll download a copy of our World Missions Offering poster to share digitally on your church’s website or Facebook page. The icons featured share moments from some of IM’s history, which began back in 1935. Your gifts to the WMO will help CONTINUE THE MISSION into the future. 

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Neil/ Mandi Morgan (Spain) – updated 04/29/2024

Life in Spain has been very full lately. Neil has started meeting regularly with and discipling K., the young man we mentioned last month. K. is the only believer in his family and is desiring to grow in his walk with God. Please pray for these discipleship times. We have also had several visitors to our church during the past month. Please pray for those who have visited and that our church will continue to see people visit to hear the word of God.  Finally, only a family note, our oldest daughter will graduate high school May 31. Between now and then are a marathon of events and exams. Please pray for her as she nears graduation and begins preparing for her next steps. 

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Jonathan and Amy Postlewaite (Bulgaria) – updated 06/03/2024

 “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” -1 Corinthians 15:57

The longer we live in Bulgaria (we are now in our 12th year!), the more aware we become of the great battle for souls, which is taking place here. Yet the longer we engage in community relationships and ministries which the Lord sends our way, the more stories we have to share of the great victories which are being won for His kingdom!

We are currently leading a bilingual church in the city of Pleven as well as a small church in the village of Odarne. A big focus of our ministry is small group of individual discipleship, which around 20 people are participating in. As these believers become more confident and grounded in their faith, God is using them to impact the people around them who do not yet know Christ. A few examples of this include a weekly prayer time that was started by our Bulgarian small group and a worship night led by our international students, which was attended by 80 people (around half of them being guests!). Through our partnership with our local Child Evangelism Fellowship team, doors have been opened in the past six months for our church to be involved in outreaches to children in children’s homes, schools, and village community centers (around 30 places in total). The Lord blessed us (through the support of many of you!) with an amazing opportunity to host a women’s conference in February, which breathed life into around 70 women who are a part of our New Life churches. We praise God for each person is being discipled and each person who has heard the good news because you gave to help us be here and because you sustain us in the battle through your prayers!

Please continue to pray that God would raise up laborers for the harvest which is plentiful right now in Pleven, Bulgaria–specifically that he would raise up strong Bulgarian leaders for all of the church plants here in Bulgaria. Pray that those who have recently heard about Christ and begun seeking and following Him would “be strong in the Lord and His might” and not pulled away by the enemy or the world.

We thank God so much for each one of you who is laboring with us in the battle, so that more people in Bulgaria would discover life, hope, freedom, and salvation through our Savior, Jesus. We look forward to seeing you in person on our next stateside assignment and sharing even more stories with you of victories He has won!

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David Aycock (Brazil) – updated 04/29/2024

Over the last few weeks we have had the privilege of leading five children and one teenager to Christ. Four of the five children that were led to the Lord are in our Christian School.

We have experienced an increase in enrollment for the 2024 school year (Feb-Dec), we are thankful to have 44 students enrolled. This year we added 3rd grade and plan to add 4th and 5th grade over the next two years.The Lord has blessed in a tremendous way! Our students are understanding our procedures, our Biblical emphasis and our focus on excellence in their education. The parents have expressed gratitude for the changes they are seeing in their children’s lives at home. Our teachers are exclusively from our FWB churches .

Can you help us turn our concrete slab into a ball court? Currently we are limited in its use due to high average rain fall in our area. The activities on the court are also limited since there isn’t protection for the church and school windows. Your designated gifts would certainly be appreciated. Our target amount is $60,000.

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Thank you! We are grateful for your prayers and financial support. Additional partners would be very welcomed.

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Frank and Tarri Dillon (Monck’s Corner) – updated 10/27/2023

Thank you for your prayers and contributions. We would like to extend an invitation to come and see what the Lord is doing at the Lamb of God Free Will Baptist Church. To see the September newsletter, please click HERE We love you all in Jesus’ name. For speaking engagements call or text @ 304-731-9192 or email 

Please let us reach heaven for one another.