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IM News – updated 09/20/2023

Catch up on the latest IM news this fall! All high school students (10-12 grade) and college students are encouraged to apply in October for student missions opportunities taking place in 2024. Read a story from a recent college student who served in France, meet your missionaries, and so much MORE in the šŸSeptember-October šŸ NewsBeat issue.

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Jonathan and Amy Postlewaite (Bulgaria) – updated 08/09/2023

Greetings from Bulgaria,
Here are some ways that you can be praying for our ministry in the city of Pleven and the surrounding region:

  • Our church has the opportunity to help with the purchase of two air conditioners that will provide needed relief for patients in one of the local hospitals. Please pray that God will use this project to make people more interested in the gospel and to help them understand that we as Christ-followers love them because God first loved us.
  • Pray that God will give us wisdom and discernment to spot potential leaders in our churches and that we will know how best to help them develop their leadership skills. Pray that more people will step up to fill these roles.
  • Several people connected with our church are currently or soon will be participating in evangelism efforts connected with other organizations. At least one of them is in a hard to reach country. Pray that God will bless the efforts of these various groups and that the Kingdom will grow as a result of these initiatives.

    Thank you so much for praying!
    Please let us know if you have any questions about our ministry.
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David Aycock (Brazil) – updated 05/15/2023

GROWTH IN THE CHURCH! In the past two months we have had fiveĀ decisions for Christ. Our Children and Youth ministries continue to grow. We had a high of fifty between the two ministries recently. Parents appreciate the hard work our teachers are putting into their classes on Wednesday nights and Sunday School. Two babies have been added to our church family in the last month!Ā 

51 YEARS! A gentleman rang the doorbell of the church. I didnā€™t recognize him at first but he was my classmate when I went to Brazilian School as a child 51 years ago! He came to church the following Wednesday and promised to return. Pray that Vicente will see his need for Christ.

To see our complete newsletter, click here .

Thank you! We are grateful for your prayers and financial support. Additional partners would be very welcomed.

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Frank and Tarri Dillon (Monckā€™s Corner)

Greetings in the precious, lovely name of Jesus. We do want to say we’re well on our way, the Church is moving forward with prayers and seeking the Lord.Ā 

The Lamb of God FWB Church is in prayer and visitations seeking God as we continue to make effort to watch JESUS BUILD THE HOUSE.

WE ARE OPEN TO ANY CHURCH WHO WOULD WANT US TO COME AND SHARE THIS BLESSED WORK. We desire that you would pray for this work and please ask God about financial support. We need to help support the home missions because when we become self-supportive, we can carry the funds to the next Home Mission Church plant. We love you all in Jesusā€™ name. For speaking engagements call or text @ 304-731-9192 or emailĀ 

Please let us reach heaven for one another.

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Neil/ Mandi Morgan (Spain)

Please continue to pray for the ministry in Villanueva de la Torre.Ā  We are continuing to get settled in our new building, and we are very grateful for those who have given to help provide seats, curtains, tables, and other necessities to assist the ministry.Ā  Please pray we will have wisdomĀ  as we plan events to reach out to this town and the surrounding areas . As the only evangelical church in the community, there are great opportunities to share God’s love.