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The SCFWB Disaster Relief Team was founded in 2015. They provide help to victims of disaster in the name of the local church. To date SCFWB DRT has ministered to people in multiple hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and even famines.

SCFWB Disaster Relief adopts a local Church each year and coordinates volunteers with special projects within the church. These projects include painting, pressure washing, landscaping, flooring, light electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. This ministry is a huge help to the local church and provides much needed training for our volunteers. Our team meets with the pastor, views the facility and forms a budget for the work, schedules a day and then coordinates the entire project.

SCFWB Disaster Relief is for volunteers of all sorts. Volunteers are assigned work based on experience and skill set. We have everyone from the young at heart, to those who are skilled professionals, and every where in between.

Disaster Relief Board

(positions rotate every 2 years – may serve consecutive terms)

David Stevens, C0-Chairman
Todd Black, C0-Chairman
Tim Larrimore
Jeff Bazen
David Reid, Treasurer
Steve Brogden, Assistant Treasurer
Al Duncan, Clerk