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Now Hiring

SCFWB State Association is seeking a passionate individual for the position of Executive Secretary.

Executive Secretary Qualifications / Responsibilities


*Must be a Christian, an ordained minister, and in good standing with a church

and conference that is a part of the National Association of Free Will Baptist, Inc.

*Some college training or a completed degree preferred

*Must be a good listener and able to keep information confidential within legal ramifications.

*Must be willing to understand both sides to every conflict, should not pre-judge circumstances based on one side of a story, and must help seek reconciliation in mediating situations.

*Must be able to adapt to various styles of worship

*Must be willing to preach from the KJV Bible at all churches within the SC FWB State Association but also must be willing to work with pastors and churches who use other translations

*Needs to be skilled with computers – Quick Books, Excel, Email, Microsoft Word, etc.

*Must Have accounting skills and be able to manage money wisely and be willing to be accountable to others

*Must have writing skills to compile or oversee compilation of and publish weekly email updates and The Informer.

*Should not be controversial in character nor in attitude

*Must be supportive of the National Association of Free Will Baptist and denominational agencies and ministries.

*Must be willing to support, encourage, and pray for ministers that are a part of the SC FWB State Association

*Must be supportive of and help promote events for local churches and conferences within the SC FWB State Association

*Must be willing to travel on weekends and at other times as needed

Interested persons should send a resume to the following email address: